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777 Photo Sections

Each photo below links to a page with multiple photos of the sim as it looked at that time.

Note: Many of the older photos show my aircraft parts as they looked before they were converted/refurbed or even installed. So that may be of interest to some people.

Photos of Prototype Z (The final version):

Adding More Real Parts
Click Here (April 2004)

MVC-007F.JPG (82504 bytes) Yoke Added
Click Here (9-19-2003)
MVC-007F.JPG (82504 bytes) MIP Lighting / Painting
Photos Z13 (5-10-2003)
MVC-007F.JPG (82504 bytes) Glareshield Wings
Photos Z12 (4-19-2003)
Checking Shipment2.jpg (46553 bytes) Lower EICAS display/ MIP Angle
Photos Z11 (4-12-2003)
Seats, CDU, and Rudder Knob
Photos Z10 (11/01/2002)
glareshield2_small.jpg (12045 bytes) Engine Fire Shut-Off Switches
Photos Z9 (7-27-2002)
glareshield2_small.jpg (12045 bytes) ATC Panel Now Operable
Photos Z8 (7-14-2002)
glareshield2_small.jpg (12045 bytes) Radio Management Panel Made Functional
Photos Z7 (7-13-2002)
mcp2_small.jpg (7093 bytes) Glareshield Buttons Added
Photos Z6 (6-29-2002)

glareshield2_small.jpg (12045 bytes)

Glareshield Installed
Photos Z5

ped1_small.jpg (11104 bytes)

Standby Guages Aligned
Photos Z4 (4-28-2002)
dframe1small.jpg (8782 bytes) Lots of Updates
Photos Z3 (3-13-2002)

wpe4D.jpg (19992 bytes)

More Aircraft Parts
Photos Z2 (2-11-2002)

wpe41.jpg (33361 bytes)

Real Aircraft Parts
Photos Z1 (1-19-2002)


wpe3B.jpg (7961 bytes) tquada.jpg (16239 bytes)
Prototype 1 (11/1999) Prototype 2 (3/2001)

Sample Photos

Center Pedestal

Center Pedestal Backlighting

Main Instrument Panel

Various Aircraft Parts

The Real 777

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wpe40.jpg (10693 bytes)
wpe29.jpg (8571 bytes)

Continental Airline's 777 Simulator

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wpe47.jpg (5880 bytes)

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wpe4E.jpg (7570 bytes)
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All photos by Robert Prather. Written permission from Prather required for use of these photos in other locations even if just hyperlinked.

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