This page lists all of the online sites that I probably couldn't have constructed this sim without, or that I at least got some great ideas from. It would be well worth your time to check these sites out.

Kev's Cockpit$=main/howto/kevssim.htm

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   I never would have even thought of building a flight simulator without first having seen Kev Saker's report. It is very well put together and provides a lot of revolutionary flight sim construction techniques. This guy has been a mentor to me since I began this project around November of 1998.

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    The forums on this site are probably one of the most useful resources for building a flight simulator. Besides the abundance of freeware flight simulator add-ons they have, the news system is probably the best on the internet for flight sim fanatics.


The A320 Project



    Peter Cos of the A320 Project does a fantastic job of providing high quality files for CNC and precision construction. He provides a vast array of information and is quite a bit farther ahead in construction than I am. He is definitely the worldwide leader in Airbus construction along with digital virtual flight deck construction.


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    This site provided the most impressive addition to the simulator, the Glass Cockpit. Enrico Schiratti has written a series of software applications that allow you to run single (yet very powerful and realistic) instruments across multiple machines that connect to one machine running Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 or higher. The software looks unbelievable and is available as a demo at
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    This guy has laid out every switch in the 777, A320, 747-400, and 247D and told what it does. It is extremely helpful and a must see web site. If you are planning to build any of these four airplanes, this site should be your first stop.





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    For those of you who will be using Microsoft Flight Sim 98 or older, you will need to download a Boeing 777 from the internet. FlightSim.Com has over 25,000 flight sim add-ons and the list grows every day. Using their search feature, you will probably have your pick from more than 20 different 777s.

Simulated Air Traffic Controllers Organization
    The heart of Pro Controller and Squawkbox, two of the greatest add-ons available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Advanced Graphic Technologies
    This company has some of the best looking parts you'll ever want to buy, and their prices are spectacular. Pretty much whatever they don't normally sell, they can make.

Project J
    This is one of the best looking sims i've seen. Junji Hirayama has found was to make his 747 look almost picture perfect through the use of small monitors, realistic looking metals, and an EPIC card. His throttle quadrant is homebuilt and looks 100% authentic.

How to build a throttle from scratch
    If you're planning to build EVERYTHING in your simulator, you will eventually be building a set of throttles. This site gives a very detailed explanation of how to do this from scratch without needing an initial throttle.

Java flight planner
    This is an excellent applet that  allows you to enter a departure point, and an arrival point, and be presented with a complete flight plan to your destination without the need for anything but your internet explorer.

Derek's Cockpit Links
    Derek's Cockpit links, is a huge link page for homebuilt flight simulators.

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